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LOVE Launches Across The Americas

December 19, 2022

NYOUM LTD, the London-based technology company, today announced the launch of its flagship video communication platform, LOVE, across the Americas. LOVE is a brand new way to communicate face-to-face with those closest to you and from today available in the US, Asia, Canada and Latin America reaching 3 billion+ users on Android and iOS.

 LOVE is available across the Americas in English, Canadian French, Spanish and Portuguese from today.

“LOVE is a re-think of communication from the ground up. Face-to-face, personal, with an interaction design of the next generation that brings magic to everyone. We could not be more excited to launch LOVE in Canada and Latin America on Android and iOS today. After our successful launches in the US and in Asia, we are now reaching a potential user base of 3 billion people.” says Christopher Schlaeffer, NYOUM’s Founder and CEO, “We will continue to innovate on our generative AI models for visual expression, a decentralized privacy model and leverage our partnerships with some of the leading artists of our time. And we do think that our users should ultimately own this platform.”

LOVE puts video at the heart of how people communicate. Utilizing tools from computer gaming, LOVE is offering video calling capabilities as close to real-life communication as it potentially gets. Built around eye-contact, organic movement and speaker engagement, LOVE breaks with call fatigue on the internet. At the same time, a whole host of novel messaging features is taking users beyond traditional text messaging experiences. Video messages appear in an iconic visual style, transcribe in real time and meet any recipient translated in their language. Any message can be viewed, read or listened to in full multi-modality. 

LOVE’s technology stack is based on cutting-edge AI in the domains of voice and face recognition, natural language processing, privacy and encryption, contextual analytics, and translation algorithms in order to make user interaction extremely simple.

“This new version of LOVE is pushing the boundaries of generative AI. Multi-modality with real-time transcription of video and audio communication requires high-quality language models not just for the few countries the tech industry is usually focusing on. So we have pushed machine learning to the edge in order to cater for languages in the most diverse geographical territories.” says Jim Reeves, NYOUM’s Co-Founder and CTO“.

LOVE is completely ad-free, built from the ground up to protect privacy and enact the right to forget, and, in a first-of-its-kind initiative, is committed to democratizing the platform by transferring ownership to its users within five years.


NYOUM is a technology company based in London. The Company’s flagship platform, LOVE, is a brand new way to communicate face-to-face with those closest to you. For more information on LOVE, visit:

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