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NYOUM Rebrands and Positions as Private Social Network

October 30, 2023

NYOUM is a private social network

NYOUM LTD, the London-based generative AI company, today announced the rebranding of its flagship platform formerly branded LOVE to NYOUM. Nyoum is a word from the Swahili language and means “you”. At the same time, NYOUM is launching Moments, a multimedia journal to share your day with those you love.

“NYOUM is a private social network, uniting social media and messaging while safeguarding privacy. NYOUM means you, is about you and sharing your life with those you love” says Christopher Schlaeffer, Founder and Executive Chairman, “Today, we are therefore rebranding our platform from LOVE to NYOUM. We are also launching Moments, a new way of multimedia journaling and sharing a day in the Americas, Asia and the UK.”


Social media platforms are designed to broadcast digital content to friends or followers without a personal connection, often lacking adequate content moderation and privacy protection. At the same time, these platforms incorporate communication capabilities previously only known in traditional messaging platforms, which were centred around text messaging and closed circles. The convergence of social media and messaging platforms, along with the evident shortcomings of social networks, necessitates a new model. NYOUM is that new model.

“NYOUM is built for multimedia, fully multi-modal and private by design. We have employed generative AI across the board to enable to provide a communication experience that is cutting-edge, private and protects the user from the pitfalls of social media.“, says Jim Reeves, NYOUM´s Co-founder and Chief Technologist.

LOVE is ad-free and built on a decentralised model to fully protect privacy.  In a first-of-its-kind initiative, NYOUM is also committed to democratising the platform by transferring ownership to its users within five years.


NYOUM is a generative AI company based in London. NYOUM provides a private social network enabling users to “Share your life with those you love” in surprising new ways. For more information, visit:

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